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Argonauta Producciones is an audiovisual production company specialised in documentaries, founded in 1999 by the journalist and writer Alfonso Domingo. Since then we have created over thirty documentary films which have been screened or broadcast across different geographies, mainly in Europe and Latin America. History, anthropology, politics and sociology are some of the fields they have in common. Based in Madrid, the firm has co-produced on a number of occasions with RTVE (Spanish Public Radio and Television), Canal Sur, France5, National Geographic, Odisea, Cinquième, CNN+, Documania, Canal Digital, and FORTA, among others.

In 2016, Argonauta Producciones embarked on a new phase, both in the documentary genre and beyond, shaped by a large-scale international coproduction. In this search for new communicative languages, themes and markets, we have restructured the business to permanently bring on board Mar Olmedilla and Pepe Heredia, experienced professionals who have collaborated on a range of projects with Argonauta Producciones over their extensive careers. Our objective remains unchanged: to create and develop innovative projects centred on reality, and based on solid documentary-making experience.

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